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Contact : 305-354-7677

Why Choose Us?

Are You Searching for A Reliable Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Coral Gables?

In order to find a reliable rug cleaning and care specialist, consider interviewing the companies you have in mind by asking them these 3 major questions:

1. Do they have a facility where they do the entire cleaning process or do they need to outsource some parts of the job to a third party company?

We have learned that some customers have paid more than the actual cost of the service, but they never knew that they were hiring a middleman. This means that the contractor does not actually clean the rugs; they just transport them to a big cleaning facility like ours.

2. What are their cleaning techniques?

Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning in Coral Gables, we clean rugs using our 9-step cleaning process. We apply the tested meticulous cleaning called the Auserehlian method. This extensive and careful cleaning method ensures that your rugs get cleaned to perfection. We do the entire cleaning process in our facility, so you don’t have to worry about third parties mishandling your rugs.

3. Do they have expert rug cleaning and restoration specialists?

In our company, we have rug cleaning experts and master weavers. No matter how damaged your rugs are, we can have them cleaned and restored for you. Repairs and restorations are done in our facility.

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