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Rug Repair Restoration

Rug Repair and Restoration Coral Gables: Don’t Settle for Haphazard Repair

You are going to need rug repair and restoration Coral Gables if your rug has been damaged, if you just bought an antique Oriental rug or if you just inherited an old one. Damage can come in many forms like small holes and tears, permanent stains, spots and many others. There are also instances where rug owners just want to have a very old rug restored. The key to successful repair or restoration is hiring professionals to do the work. From start to finish, you are assured that the floor decor would be in good, expert hands.

Rug restoration experts, repair specialists, talented artisans…these professionals can be called differently, mostly with great respect and high regard, but the most appropriate name for them could be master weavers. This is so because these technicians are not your regular rug cleaners. They have undergone rigorous training, studied the art of rug weaving, and took a special certification test to earn their credentials as certified master weavers. Training on basic weaving alone can take years. Master weaver-level usually requires years of training on the different types of knots and carpet weaving. The level of expertise of a master weaver makes him/ her capable of fixing and reweaving the most complex Oriental or antique rugs.

Not all rug cleaning companies offer repair and restoration services. And not all rug repair companies have master weavers on staff. There are rug technicians who use short cuts to fix damaged rugs. One of the best examples is a rug that has a hole. The technician cuts out the hole into a square and scrapes the pile off the area, leaving just the foundation. He then takes a piece of light colored square cutout from an old rug and cuts it down to size in order to make the patch fit perfectly on the square on the rug being repaired. Next he puts some kind of adhesive to the back of the patch and presses it onto the matching square. When the patch has set on the rug, the technician would use permanent fabric markers, using the shades that match the colors of the rug. Then he copies the pattern onto the new patch using the markers.

For sure, that kind of remedy would take a very short time and the price would be inexpensive. The trouble is that the patch will not last. Pretty soon the colors of the ink will fade and the patch will stand out like a sore thumb. Worse, the patch might easily be detached after some time. There is nothing wrong with quick fixes unless you are a rug owner who knows what a costly exotic rug deserves. If your rug means a lot to you and you have had it for a long time, or you simply want it to look its best all the time, have your rug repair and restoration in Coral Gables be done by a respected master weaver.

Contact : 305-354-7677

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