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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning in Coral Gables: Deep Cleaning by Experts

When it comes to rug cleaning in Coral Gables, there is no sense in settling for anything less than the services of a professional rug cleaner. Most rug owners may be tempted to solve their rug problem by themselves. However, doing so could lead to unfavorable results. This is because rugs need to be cleaned effectively but gently, and the balance is so delicate that regular owners would either have a very clean but damaged rug or one that is still murky. Take note that rug cleaning specialists know exactly how to handle your rug’s delicate fibers.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people try to clean their own rugs in their efforts to save money. In cases like these, they get what they don’t pay for: damage!

People who clean the rugs on their own tend to ruin the floor piece because they use the wrong cleaning agent or equipment, or they simply scrub too hard. Oriental rugs are special floor ornaments and they are expensive, too. There is no reason to take the risk of damaging them. In the end, you would be spending more money by trying to get the rug fixed or worse you might have to dispose of a rug that you put so much money into.

Professional rug cleaners approach each rug differently. They are aware that every rug has a unique situation. There are rugs that have more wear and tear as a result of being placed in high traffic areas.

There are those that are rolled up and hidden in the attic. Still there are rugs that get a lot of abuse from pets. Knowing the different conditions rugs may have, specialists conduct a thorough inspection to determine what approach is needed and which cleaning solutions have to be used. Heavily soiled rugs and worn out ones will need special attention. There are circumstances where the rug may need restoration or repair.

We never recommend “DIY” solutions or cleaners such as regular detergents designed for washing machines to clean clothes. Rug cleaners use special solutions that are specially formulated for cleaning rugs. Ordinary powdered soaps can be too harsh on the fibers and colors of the rug. The dyes could be removed because of the chemicals present in the detergent or the fibers may weaken and become brittle after washing.

The finest rug cleaners use the most traditional way of washing and that is by hand. It is still the gentlest and safest method of removing the dirt from rugs.

The similarity with home cleaning ends here though. With professional cleaners, the rug is fully immersed in water mixed with special cleaning solutions that do not harm its fibers or colors. To protect your expensive rug and extend its life at the same time, professional rug cleaning of Coral Gables is still the best method.

Contact : 305-354-7677

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